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Kids in Preschool

About Us 

Academy Of Kids Childcare Center Inc. was founded in Grand Forks, ND in 2022 by Kiana Haskins, Founder & Co-Founder Jon Stewart.


The pandemic in 2020 was one of the most daunting and traumatic times in our nation's history as a country. It exposed a gaping hole in our need as a nation to provide quality, affordable childcare not just for military families, healthcare professionals, first responders and essential workers, but also families who have children with disabilities, behavior issues and childhood trauma who may not have received the support and necessary care they needed due to the lack of childcare in their community.


With 15+ years of combined experience in Early Childhood Education and Community building a more impactful and helpful approach to provide care for  working families with non-traditional hours was developed. 


Here at Academy Of Kids, providing safe, quality and consistent childcare for all families is our top priority. By the time your child enters grade school, our goal is to have them ready to transition academically & socially into any school environment.

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