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About Us

AOK was created to be a bridge between home and elementary school. By the time chidlren enter school, our goal is that each child will have already discovered their voice and be able to speak for themselves with confidence to succeed in school. 

Main areas of focus

- Social emotional support sessions

- Communication skills

-Gross Motor and fine motor skills 

- Relationship building 


AOK's  Mission

Academy of Kids is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves counties along the North Dakota and Minnesota border. Although we opened our first physical location in April of 2022, we are now on our second year of community engagement awareness activities. 

AOKs main purpose is focused on community building and development as well as being a gateway for families with current and/or past trauma including but not limited to:

- Maximizing physical and psychological safety for children and families.

- Identifying trauma related needs of children and families.

- Enhance the family well-being and resilience. 

Diverse Kindergarten